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Tanning Tip NO. 25 Updates in the Tanning World

November 29, 2016 By ,

Hi babes, Tati here! You’re the first to peep the newest advancements in our tanning world. OATS Tanning has a brand new, never-been-seen, all natural, and organic solution that will make you go bonkers! Its the most natural sunless tan you’ve ever imagined! It’s suitable for all skin types: light,... Read More

Tanning Tip NO. 23 Benefits of Regular Tanning

November 15, 2016 By ,

  Hi babes Living in sunny southern California, we’re blessed to have the sun shining year round. Getting an OATS Tan  gives us a great base tan for daily sun exposure. The benefit of airbrush tanning regularly is all the heathy ingredients our solution provides for your skin. It’s so... Read More

Tanning Tip NO. 22 Sunshine is Essential!

November 1, 2016 By ,

Hey babes, Tati here! Sunshine is essential for life. It provides us with Vitamin D that our body needs which:  is anti-cancer supports the immune system protects against dementia and brain aging good for loosing excess fat essential for decreasing symptoms of asthma strengthens teeth ( Not only does the... Read More